Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of us as individuals. Therefore, it is important, for the financial development of every individual, to understand the principles of the simple concept that is MONEY and its acquisition.

  • Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured.
  • Money makes possible the enjoyment of best of the earth affords.
  • Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws that govern its acquisition.
  • Money is controlled today by the same laws which controlled it when prosperous men walked the streets of Babylon, 6000 Years ago.

Our existence as a human has the possibility to be transformed into a number of personalities that we envision right from our childhood. In order to bring those perspectives into reality, one must take risks. In order to take risks, one has to make the right connections with possibly a million other humans.  Money is the medium that fuels up a risk-taker’s game, enabling him to think & act towards a goal while facing failures as stepping stones towards success.

What is the simple rule? What is this characteristic that wealthy people are able to grasp so quickly that they not only prosper but also become capable of influencing from their successful experiences? – Money has the power to multiply, exponentially. Modern investors understand this underlying principle that money has the power to give birth to one & many, alike. This is called financial investing. The world as we know is flooded with financial management principles. Why? Because unless properly managed, there won’t be any to invest. Therefore, one must exercise certain doings that make him prosper as a loan free, expenses paid, Investor. Money induces the capability to invest, take risks and move forward in life.

Now let’s see how can we maintain a fat purse to start with.

7 cures for a lean purse:

  1. Put in 10, take out 9. This will leave 1, every time.
  2. Control your total expenditures without spending any more than 9/10ths of your earnings and use one of the 9 parts to invest.
  3. Make your Gold Multiply.
  4. Only consult with wise men and guard your treasure from loss.
  5. Own your own home.
  6. Provide in advance for the needs of the growing age.
  7. Increase your ability to earn.

These practices, put into use, provide guaranteed results. Furthermore, let’s also talk about the ‘Laws of Gold’, as prescribed into the clay carvings of Babylon centuries ago.

  • Gold comes to those who save at least 10% of their earnings.
  • Gold labors diligently for its wise owner, multiplying as flocks on the field.
  • Gold clings to its owner who invests it with the advise of men wise in its handling.
  • Gold slips away from those who invest it in businesses or purposes, they’re not familiar with.
  • Gold flees away from those who force impossible earnings dealing with tricksters, due to their romantic desire in investments.

Despite of the educational background, the upbringing, the demographics or the goals one wishes to achieve, the set of rules mentioned above go hand in hand creating a stairway to success leading to a prosperous life and a happy family. This in turn adds up to the prosperity of a nation, as a whole.


–Extracts from “The Richest Man in Babylon”